Game of Thrones Inspired Negeligee - part 1

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Who hasn't been watching Game of Thrones? (Or as my friends call it Game of Porn) And the absolutely stunning gowns designed by the amazing Michele Clapton. my personal favourites are the "slave" (erhem... prostitute) dress worn by the characters Roz and Shea and also Margery Tyrell's (We Tyrrells have to stick together!) wedding dress. The basic shapes, perfect for the warmer climate of Summer (Winter Is Coming!) are also lovely in the bedroom! [gallery ids="478,476,475"] These shapes have been appearing on the catwalks as well. [gallery columns="2" ids="477,479"] What I adore about costume design in science fiction and fantasy genres are that they spring from very full and vivid imaginations. No trend following - trend setting! What's the point of being a designer if you can do what you want rather than slavishly, and unimaginably, following forecasting and trend analysis. We did this this season, next season it will be PINK! trend pimping             So does creating GoT inspired lingerie make me a trend pimp? Yep. Probably. Well, ok yes it does. BUT! I want to do it anyway. I love the show, love the look and I want to wear them too. Doesn't matter if I'm extra curvy. I think these will really work on everyone. My idea is to combine GoT and Gothic Valkyrie... Sounds challenging doesn't it? Ok, stop laughing! I want to use my love of sheer soft fabrics with my own take on colour. Accessories are also going to have a big part in the final look. These pieces may also transition out of the bedroom and onto the beach - we'll have to see. The first design harkens after the wedding dress with it's uses of pastel colours and lace. The second is a Tyrell-esque wrap jacket in roses after my frilly knickers and Kate babydoll. The trid is a layered chiffon drape dress with optional leather corset... [gallery ids="511,510,509"] Next stage is draping - stay tuned!

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