How do you feel about Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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Why I don't support either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They are purely American phenom that is now beginning to infect other cultures. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. The behavior encouraged in people to enact violence and the worst treatment of each other in competition for toys or TVs or mobile phones is repugnant. It's the day after Americans as one nation no matter creed, race, sexual orientation or position to be thankful for all that they have and the freedoms they enjoy; friends, family, all that makes life important and worth sharing. Then to indulge in an orgy of consumerism gone mad in the name of another holiday whose purpose is to celibate the concept of peace and brotherhood between all peoples... This whole season... runs and promotes the economy and is a necessary part of good national fiscal health. I depend upon the revenue of sales too but will not set sales on those days. I think that there can be honor in trade and dignity in customer service and valuing and respecting clientele. Rather than feed the hysteria I would treat all with dignity and respect. That is partly why I started this business so that women of larger sizes had the access and right to high quality lingerie. To that I hope to be able to have at least one sale per month - on everything equally. How do you feel about Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Abi

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