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I have slimmed down to a size 20 which means I can buy a swim suit from Tesco. The body is impossibly long but as I am a designer,  I have taken 4 inches of of the crotch to make fit me and stop some very embarrassing exposure. So now it fits at the bottom but my 40 GGs are one bounce away from doing the can can for the public.  Sigh. In recent moans, being honest about my rants, I have looked at "shapewear". And in a recent article by Margert Bognerief expounds on the lack of fit to puropse design.  Instead of plus size designed for a plus size body we have size 6 scaled for size 24. Gok Kwan and Spanx making girdles for thin people. I.E. because they don't have plus size bulges, it sits right and does the job it was designed for. But try and find anywhere that stocks anything above a size 20 for the people who actually need it. Because the advertisers and the TV shows tell you if you want to look sexy or have a high street dress to look half way descent then you must wear a push up bra,  thigh slimming pants and a waist sincher. Why? Because the dress was designed initially to look good on a size six.  Not you. Then, even the size six is wearing shapewear. The dress is not fit to purpose of you have to do all that as a size six to look good in it. The designer Catherine Clavering in an interview discussing disability and diversity in lingerie, admits that even she does not design for her own needs citing also the complaints of some of her customers; gusset width,  positioning of seams the hell of non-fitting underwear... This and constant experimentation leads me to the conclusion that what is out there is not fit for purpose.  What is the point of design a garment that you the designer can't wear? I know this is my blog where I am supposed to big up my own products and sell sell sell... But we need to radically redesign basic underwear and the concepts around them. Throw away the book and get back to basic questions: 1. Can you take it off to pee easily? 2. Is it comfortable for long periods of time? 3. Does it fall off or roll down when you sit or walk long distances? 4. Does it flatter your shape without pain? My designs have been slowly mutating as the feedback comes in. In response I have created The Plain Jane which is the basis of all my patterns for knickers. (Pictures to follow) There is not a straight line in them. The seams and fit is closer to Victorian jackets than modern panties. They are designed for to the above purposes and they are my most comfy, secure, and sexy knickers. If only I had time to make more for me! When I get back from the beach it is time to show you all something new!

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