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I started making lingerie because there was nothing out there that fit me. I was a size UK24/42GG, 17 and a half stone, recently divorced, newly diagnosed Type II, and my confidence was at an all time low. This was 2011 and at that time there were no on-line stores or Indie designers. A woman's only recourse were shoddily made pieces in the cheapest and lowest quality of fabrics that lied about the sizes. Nighties that looked like gossamer floaty dreams turned out to be plastic sausage casing. It was the most depressing and soul destroying thing to try on those garments and look at myself in the mirror. I felt that I deserved those comments most recently made by Jamelia that had been said by the clothing industry for decades. This is one of the first pieces I made for myself. The photo is rubbish, taken from a very bad angle. Never selfie from underneath - you look evil and and your boobs look funny! my first piece of lingerie But it worked and I felt really sexy and confidant in it. I'm on the left, yep that's me! Miss Loula Cherry, professional model in fact wore the same exact negligee for my first ever proper collection shoot. Loula is a size UK16/36GG. Clothes do a lot for creating the person we want to be. If all that is available to you is couture by Omar the Tentmaker then hiding away from the world in a desert is all you will want to do. Feeling sexy, being desired, feeling confidant in my own skin enough to want to show off an be intimate with a partner is one of the greatest confidence builders there is. From a place of confidence and safety where you are not in danger of being humiliated allows one to not concentrate on surface issues but on the things that make you you. Your style, your humour, your energy - all these things that open doors to new possibilities. Today, I am 15 stone size UK20/40DD. By changing the way I look at myself I have lost weight and kept it off and continue to loose more. By changing the way I approach my clothing choices I am exerting control over my future. But more than that, it is a shout out to the world that I am more than my dress size. I will not accept narrow minded jealous people who troll anything that is different from themselves through ignorance and attempt limit the choices of others to boots their own self esteem. Because isn't that what Loose Women really advocated? Create a group of marginalised individuals who they can point to and say, "I am better than them!" Well, #‎WeAreTheThey‬. Suck it.

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